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New Equipment

New Equipment (107)

2 Cinelli proofers – 3 double racks in each

Category: Proofer | Listed: December 12, 2017

2 Cinelli proofers. Each proofer holds 3 double racks. About 2 years old and in very good condition....

H.D. Twin Auger Extruder and Electric Guillotine Cutting Knife

Category: Extruder, New Equipment | Listed: June 29, 2017

This is our latest Extruder offering featuring a robost Twin auger Extruder using UHMW Augers and feed roller. Outfeed nozzles are produced to your specifications and are easily interchangeable. This ...

Extruder Twin Auger With Electric Cutting Knife (Guillotine)

Category: Extruder, New Equipment | Listed: June 29, 2017

BakeryMachinery.Net offers the most affordable Extruder with Guillotine cutting systems on the market today! Our Bar production systems can easily produce 2,000 to 3,000 bars per hour! This simple s...

Mini/Retail Pita Ovens

Category: Pita, Pie & Pizza Machines | Listed: June 29, 2017

Our mini pita ovens are ideal for your retail store front Pita Bakery or for a small wholesale operation producing up to 3500 pita per hour! These ovens are profit makers allowing easy entry into the ...

Automatic Slab Lines for Cereal Granola and Energy Bar production

Category: New Equipment, Slab Line | Listed: October 16, 2014

Click Here to View Slab Line 1 PDF Click Here to View Slab Line 2 PDF BakeryMachinery.Net now offers custom manufactured lines for the production of Cereal Bars, EnergyBars & Granola Bars u...

Pita Bread production line

Category: New Equipment, Pita, Pie & Pizza Machines | Listed: April 8, 2014

At BakeryMachinery.Net our ovens  represent the latest Technology in the industry of fully automatic Arabic bread, cakes and all Pastry equipment production lines. Through our 40 years of experien...

Band Sealer with Gas Flush

Category: Bagging Systems, New Equipment, Packaging Machinery | Listed: November 30, 2013

Affordable and efficient Continuous Band Sealer with integrated Gas Flush Includes stand and conveyor available in 220/1/50 or 60 Hz electrical sealing width 6 to 12 mm can seal reseal...

Fully automatic Pita bread production line

Category: Pita, Pie & Pizza Machines | Listed: May 17, 2013

Pita-bread production line including: 2 pcs Diosna spiral dough mixers. 200kg & 120kg dough 1 pcs. Winkler Derby E divider/rounder, 4 raws, weight range 70-300 gr. 1 pcs. Pocket proffer 160 po...

BEAWARE TechnoBreadPlus Toufic Ayoub BEAWARE

Category: New Equipment, Pita, Pie & Pizza Machines | Listed: March 24, 2013

Beware of this individual .. he will steal your money and you will never get your equipment. Before you purchase anything from him or send him any money check with the Beirut Lebanon Police. He hide...

SOLD! | High Speed Bread Slicer; Rusk Cake Slicer

Category: Bread Slicers, Slicing Machines, Used Equipment | Listed: February 26, 2012

Synchronized in feed and output belt speed. Extra long output belt conveyor for easy handling. Oil dipped heavy duty gear box. Endless conveyor belts. Suitable for bakeries having bulk production....

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